EEO Report

WFML-FM is licensed to the Vincennes University Foundation. The Station Employment Unit (SEU) comprising WFML consists of less than 5 people. As such, the Licensee is exempt from certain EEO Reporting requirements. As an “Exempt SEU”, WFML is not required to prepare either Annual or Mid-Term EEO Reports.

WFML is committed to affording equal opportunity to all qualified persons and is dedicated to nondiscrimination in the workplace. WFML is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages minorities and females to apply.

WFML is looking for organizations that regularly distribute information about employment opportunities to job applicants or have job applicants to refer. If your organization would like to receive notification of job vacancies at our station please notify:

WFML General Manager
1200 North Second Street,
Vincennes, Indiana